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Welcome to the new RoseLight website!

We’ve been building this new website for quite awhile now. Thank you for your patience while we have been offline. It’s great to be back!

Private Consultations & Group Events

Now that the new website is up, we can turn our awareness back to private phone consultation and teaching


  • You can now read our site in different languages – choose your language from the translation box in the upper left hand area of the page

More Choices

  • We expanded our home study meditation offerings
    • We now offer 369 home study products in the store instead of 50
    • You can now purchase individual tracks from an album
    • We continue to work on new home study offerings and will release them over time, as they are ready
      • Stay tuned about new product releases via our RoseLight Facebook page and our e-Newsletter (sign-up form at the bottom right of this page)

Reviews & Ratings

  • Now you can review and rate our home study products
  • We hope you will leave your comments if you’ve used the home study product
  • Where and how to do it
    • Click on the Product title as if you are going to purchase it, e.g., Plenty to Enjoy & Share
      • All home study product titles are listed as links on the Meditations page
    • When the page loads for the Product you want, look about halfway down the page text, to the left of and slightly below the heading “Product Description” for
    • A magenta-colored link “Reviews”
    • Click the “Reviews” link to write your review
    • Be sure to click “Submit” to send in your review

History & Fuller Descriptions

  • All home study meditations are now annotated more fully
    • Descriptions include run time, file size, and historical information about when and where journeys were recorded
    • You can find the tracks from classes you attended
      • Use the Search box in the upper right hand corner of the page
      • Type in the year of the class or the place it was held (e.g., “Eatontown”) and hit return
      • Then browse all the meditations that come up in the display

Index & Cross-Referencing

  • You can explore, find, and choose meditations in different ways
    • Product tags
      • Great if you are interested in a particular subject such as “aura” or “awakening others”
      • Click on any tag in the “tag cloud” in the left margin of the page to browse a display of every product marked with that tag
      • The more products with a particular tag, the larger the type of that tag in the tag cloud
    • Product categories
      • You can see the categories when you enter the Home Study section of the Store
      • These are the categories that we noticed people consistently asked about over the years, in consultations and classes, e.g., Relationship or Abundance
      • The categories contain meditations to help you develop as a human being of light in those areas where you would like to bring awareness and build consciousness (have a smoother, more flowing, more refined energy, leading to the experience of growth)
    • Index of meditation titles
      • Great list for the bird’s eye view
      • One spot where you can see every title available and all the different formats for that title
        • Audio—mp3 file you can download
        • Text—Transcript of the meditation
          • PDF file in US Letter format you can download
          • PDF file A4 format you can download
        • Text—For some products, Manuals or Workbooks also available
    • Contents Pages
      • You can see the Contents Pages in the left hand margin of this page
      • Contents Pages let you see content summaries for every title in that category—a “blurb” or “Reader’s Digest” version of the meditation
        • For example, see blurbs for all the Golden Body meditations currently available
      • This helps you map out your study plan—see what’s it all about, what the best order for study is, etc.
    • Cross-sells
      • When you add a Product to your shopping cart, at the bottom of the Cart page, you will see a list of products are related in some way to the content of the item in the cart
      • These were chosen by Amy as part of the process of reviewing the contents of all the meditations to write the descriptions and make these connections
      • These connections are more esoteric and not as obvious as the other kind of connections above

March 9, 2017