Consultation appointment photo of rising sun on water bringing warmth and light


In a Consultation, Amy and Athabascar offer heart-centered spiritual perspectives on your issues and questions. Together, they translate energy from higher realms in dialogue with you. A session includes nonverbal transmissions of spiritual love, light, and flow. Receiving these energies can help you open up constrictions, connect with higher probable futures, and stimulate insights.  If you are having challenges, you can more easily perceive the gifts they offer for your empowerment and transformation. If you have an important choice to make, exploring the energy on different options with Amy and Athabascar can bring greater clarity.

When Amy started working with Athabascar in 1987 she noticed that often, something good happened afterward—her colicky baby was able to nap, a cold cleared up, etc . She asked, “What causes this?” He explained that his energy field is of a higher vibrational nature and that when you allow him to touch you in a Consultation, your energy field resonates with his.  After the Consultation, your inherent, God-given capacity for learning, self-healing, reorganization, and evolution takes over. An intuitive part of you naturally knows how take that transmission of nourishing energy from the Consultation and use it to grow and co-create change.

To book a one hour session with Amy and Athabascar, please fill out the Consultation Registration Form and be sure to click the “Submit” button at the end so we receive it. Pay your $175 tuition. We will be in touch shortly to schedule your appointment time. You may also like to look at the list of all our home study meditations and see if there are any that would be supportive for you right now.