Radiant Reflection Demo/Transmission picture of three chairs next to the river in Jenner, California at Cafe Aquatica

Radiant Reflection Online Video Transmissions

Radiant Reflection Online Video Transmissions

Join us for a free, live, online video event to

  • Enjoy demonstration of Radiant Reflection by long-time practitioners
  • Experience the movement of energy through resonance in a shared group energy field
  • Receive a transmission of light
  • Work on your own issues in the privacy of your own home
  • If you like, share your insights and ask your questions
  • Hear others’ perspectives
  • Experience global community of people interested in growth and development

Radiant Reflection is a way of taking a spiritual journey together. It is based in reflective practice (“supervision in the helping professions“) and consciousness skills such as Being Present with Energy Exchange. The practice is based in our experience that Presence Brings Flow.

You are connected with greater consciousness through a spark of awareness that is always with you. This spark can illuminate your growth and learning as well as open doorways for spiritual and personal fulfillment. In Radiant Reflection we engage with awareness to build consciousness (to create more order, harmony, and coherence in our energy fields, setting the space for insights and empowerment). We work with Roles, Space, Perspectives, conversation, silence, breath, holding space,  subtle energy bodywork, and more.  We practice in order to build consciousness about work, family, healing, and many other issues.

This live event offers teaching through transmission, demonstration, and embodiment. By joining in, you bring your personal energy field into a group energy field of transformation and participate at a subtle, causal, and nondual energy levels through resonance, depth, harmony, feedback, and more. You can witness Presenter ProcessFacilitator Process, and Observer Process in action.

Amy will be practicing with colleagues in a five-person configuration as part of  A Transformational Journey.  In this event you are invited to share in One Turn: Case, Feedback, Closing followed by discussion with the audience facilitated by our wonderful hosts John and Sandra (“Saz”) Wilson of Online Events UK.

When & Where

  • Monday July 10, 2017 online via Skype
    • 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific

To Register

To join us you’ll need a computer with an internet connection and fast enough data service to participate in a Skype video conference

  • Go to Online Events UK to get your ticket for free admission for the July 10, 2017 event (click “Register”)
    • If you want Amy to know you are coming and to follow up with you after the event, please send in a completed Event Registration Form


No previous study is required but if you would like to prepare, we suggest using this meditation and setting some intentions: Presence, Space, Intentions. You may experience shifts in your inner experience (night dreams, day dreams, contemplations, meditations, etc.) before, during, or after the event. These events are suitable for people at many different levels of experience:

  • If you are new to all this, please feel free to just come along and join in and observe your experiences
  • If you have studied with RoseLight before, we invite you to run energy and play on the waves and patterns while you observe your experiences
  • If you are interested in learning more, check out our home study titles on Radiant Reflection and Building the Golden Body™


This event will be conducted using a Skype video link that will be streamed to an Online Events live video page. You will be able to see and hear the conversation, as it is happening, and use the chat room to offer your own comments and questions and read others’ responses. In order to have access to the event, you must register with Online Events in advance and they will send you log-in credentials. Use the links above in the When & Where section to register with Online Events for the event(s) you plan to attend.

On the day of the live event, log in about ten minutes before the start time to make sure you get in smoothly and that your audio and video are working correctly. You’ll be in a kind of “waiting room” with a static image and music. Once the event gets started, you’ll see the host, John Wilson, then  Amy and the other practitioners. John will chat with each of them briefly, then the practice will begin.

  • Online Events UK hosts these live online video events frequently and they can help if you have technical difficulty. (Amy will not be available for technical help as she will be in the live event.)

Even if you are experienced with online video events, we suggest you register early to ensure you can manage the logistics come event day. If you are not experienced and confident of your computer skills, you can practice before the day of our event. Register for another free Online Events video conference and practice logging in to a live event, joining the chat room, etc.


The video recording of the event will be archived in the Online Events library, along with earlier Radiant Reflection events that Amy and some of her practice colleagues have recorded. If you attend Radiant Reflection events over time or visit the archived events in the Online Events library, you can see the practitioners playing different roles and learn about how different people approach the Presenter, Facilitator, and Observer roles in different circumstances. John and Sandra Wilson have created an amazing learning resource with teachings on a wide variety of topics relating to therapy, personal growth, and reflective practice.

Online Events UK are available to view for free when they happen live.  To have access to the archives in their library, you pay a modest fee and can join for a brief period or as an ongoing member.

Note: The first time you register for one of their live events your email address is added to their mailing list. If you prefer not to receive emails from John and Saz about upcoming events, just click the button at the top of their emails to unsubscribe.