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Meditation Titles Abundance

To see an overview of the contents of these Abundance titles click here

Abundance Single: Faith in an Abundant Universe + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Abundance Volume 1: Money as Light & Flow + Workbook (includes transcript) US Ltr  or  A4

  1. Welcome & Dedication MLF
  2. Money & Soul Life on Earth
  3. Being Happy & Well Paid
  4. Money & Time
  5. Moving Ahead
  6. From Slavery to Freedom
  7. Moving Closer to the Core
  8. Regulating Flow: Spending & Saving
  9. Plenty to Enjoy & Share
  10. Increasing Resonance with Objects & Money
  11. Manifesting Your Gifts
  12. Abundance & Ongoing Beauty

Abundance Volume 2: Building Gridworks for Abundant Flow + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. A Single Point
  2. Organizing Incoming Energy
  3. Managing Your Edges
  4. Creating From the Edge
  5. Generating a Grid
  6. Grids & Dissolving Structures
  7. Stable & Flexible Grids
  8. From Within, Looking Within
  9. Smooth & Steady Flow
  10. Critical Mass

Abundance Volume 3: Creating Energy Building Reserves + Transcript US Ltr or A4 format

  1. Welcome & Dedication CEBR
  2. Noticing Broken Flows
  3. Noticing Compression
  4. Spiral Reorganizing
  5. Meeting with Council
  6. The Listening Universe Responds
  7. Beginning to Build
  8. Permission to Accumulate
  9. Building Reserves
  10. Capturing Energy
  11. Caring for Reserves
  12. Harmonizing Reserves with Purpose

Meditation Titles Building the Golden Body™

To see an overview of the contents of these Building the Golden Body™ titles click here

Building the Golden Body™ Single: Introduction + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Building the Golden Body™ Volume 1: Heart Ball + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Initiation: Receiving the Golden Balls
  2. Heart Void For Creation
  3. Connecting with the Guides & Masters GB1
  4. Following Golden Energy from Heart: Natural Flows
  5. Introduction to Rivers & Vortexes
  6. Sensing the Energy in a Point
  7. Setting the Energy for the Week
  8. Joining the Masters: Bringing Gifts to Next Generations

Building the Golden Body™ Volume 2: Tones + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Golden Wave, Auric Egg, Heart Ball
  2. Heart Ball & Diaphragm
  3. Golden Hara Ball
  4. Viewing Your Mental Body
  5. Golden Head Ball
  6. Opening Thoughts, Awareness
  7. Exploring Depth of Field
  8. Healing Attunement GB2

Building the Golden Body™ Volume 3: Healing is Change + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Welcome, A Seed Thought
  2. Will to Heal
  3. Scanning Etheric Nervous System
  4. Recapturing Mental Energy
  5. Self-Acceptance/Feedback
  6. Helping Others Heal
  7. Healing Field for Organs
  8. Setting Energy for Healing Day

Building the Golden Body™ Volume 4: Renewal Triangle Attunement + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. First Field Connections
  2. Golden DNA Synergy
  3. Space for Growth
  4. Triangle Exercise: Waves, Space in Field
  5. Golden Creation Space in Triangle
  6. Self, Triangle, Community Body

Meditation Titles Ethics

To see an overview of the contents of these Ethics titles click here

Ethics Volume 1: Practitioner’s Ethics + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Welcome & Dedication ETHP
  2. Focusing on What You Want
  3. Journey to the Master & the Soul Group ETHP
  4. The Core of Practitioner’s Ethics
  5. Tracing Back the Pattern
  6. Respect & Three Simple Guidelines
  7. Energizing Your Practice with Clients
  8. Practice of Peace & Hope
  9. Commitments to Your Clients
  10. Commitments to Your Community
  11. Respect, Free Will, & the Evolution of Consciousness
  12. Blessing & Benediction ETHP

Meditation Titles Joy

To see an overview of the contents of these Joy titles click here

Joy Single: Manifesting Joy + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Joy Single: Sourcing Joy + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Joy Single: Vibratory Translation of the New Group Work + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Meditation Titles Life’s Work

To see an overview of the contents of these Life’s Work titles click here

Life’s Work Single: Commitment to Your Path + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Life’s Work Single: Identity, Purpose, Flow + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Life’s Work Single: Introduction to Group Energy Fields + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Life’s Work Single: Purpose & Inspiration + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Life’s Work Volume 1: Birthing Organizational Structures + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Welcome & Dedication BOS
  2. Three Waves: Blending with Your Soul & Greater Consciousness
  3. Meeting Your Community of Light
  4. Receiving Your Vision
  5. Finding the Body
  6. Enhancing Flow
  7. Holding a Vision
  8. The Fabric of Time
  9. Rhythm & Right Timing
  10. Group Mind, Group Soul
  11. Living in a Community of Light
  12. Cellular & Atomic Reflections of Purpose

Meditation Titles Light Body Grads

To see an overview of the contents of these Light Body Grads titles click here

Light Body Grads: Flow Alignment & Connection™ Volume 1: Practitioner’s Foundations + Transcript US Ltr or A4 + Manual US Ltr or A4

  1. Doorway of Peace
  2. Rods of Initiation
  3. Meeting Your Body Group
  4. Transformers
  5. Reconstructors
  6. Circular Flow Beings
  7. Skeleton Beings
  8. FAC & Life’s Work
  9. Power & Lineage
  10. Playing on the FAC Gridwork
  11. Life as a Field of Practice
  12. Commencement FAC

Light Body Grads Volume 2: Flow Alignment & Connection™ Teacher Training + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Welcome to Becoming a Teacher of FAC
  2. Growth through Fulfillment
  3. Rods, Ballroom, Receptive Space
  4. Channeling Induction: Teaching FAC
  5. Teaching Emanation
  6. Structure of Teaching Class FACTT
  7. Shift Points in More Energy Detail
  8. Affirmations of FAC Standards & Ethics
  9. Teaching Rods
  10. Demonstrations FACTT
  11. Frequencies of FAC
  12. Dedication & Blessing FACTT

Meditation Titles Peace

To see an overview of the contents of these Peace titles click here

Peace Single: Chakras of Peace + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Peace Single: Community of World Peace + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Peace Single: Creating Space for Peace + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Peace Single: Peace As an Act of Beauty + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Peace Single: Radiant Sun of Your Heart + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Meditation Titles Physical, Atomic, Cellular Evolution™ (PACE)

To see an overview of the contents of these PACE titles click here

PACE Single: Perfection of Choice + Transcript US Ltr or A4

PACE Single: The Place of Calm Repose + Transcript US Ltr or A4

PACE Volume 1: Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution™ Practitioner’s Foundations + Transcript US Ltr or A4 + Manual US Ltr or A4

  1. PACE Practitioners Welcome & Dedication
  2. Blending with a High Guide of Light (Hand)
  3. PACE Guided Bodywork Journey
  4. The Acquisition of Knowledge
  5. The Paradigm of Evolution
  6. The Strength of Triangles (Expansion) PACE
  7. Identity, Solidity, & Perception
  8. Partnership with the Universe
  9. Evolving Emotional Energy
  10. Listening to Cells
  11. Entering Atomic Space
  12. Transmutation Exercise
  13. Manifesting Exercise
  14. PACE Self-Care Session
  15. Exploring Structures & Consciousness in a Situation
  16. Moving Closer to the Source of Evolution

 Meditation Titles Radiant Reflection

To see an overview of the contents of these Radiant Reflection titles click here

Radiant Reflection Volume 1: Being Present + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Presence, Space, Intentions
  2. Roles, Space, Perspectives
  3. Presence Brings Flow
  4. Being Present with Energy Exchange

Radiant Reflection Volume 2: Starting Your Peer Triangle + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Introduction to Peer Triangles
  2. Our Roots SYPT
  3. One Turn: Case, Feedback, Closing
  4. Presenter Process
  5. Facilitator Process
  6. Observer Process
  7. The Space in the Center
  8. Content & Process Between Meetings
  9. Witnessing Triangle Growth
  10. A Transformational Journey

Meditation Titles Relationship

To see an overview of the contents of these Relationship titles click here

Relationship Single: Beliefs through the Eyes of the Child + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Relationship Single: Building a Base of Trust + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Relationship Single: Creating Yourself with Light + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Relationship Single: Healing Generational Karma + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Relationship Single: Observing Patterns & the Law of Attraction + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Relationship Single: Preparing for Birth + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Relationship Volume 1: Soul Embodiment + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Welcome & Dedication RSE
  2. Inbreath & Outbreath of Soul Flows
  3. Opening Constrictions
  4. Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations
  5. Triangle Connections RSE
  6. Soul Connections RSE
  7. Reflections of Soul Purpose
  8. Sensing & Integrating Soul Planes Light
  9. Soul Love RSE
  10. The Soul Seed & the Auric Egg
  11. Soul Embodiment & the Future
  12. Soul Group RSE

Relationship Volume 2: Living as a Radiant Being + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Welcome, Introduction RLRB
  2. Quickening
  3. Filling the Chasm with Radiance
  4. New Thoughts
  5. Exchange
  6. Radiant Exchange
  7. Learning a Flow of Respect
  8. Internal Source: Integrity
  9. Resonance & Joy
  10. How to Handle a Devolving Relationship
  11. Heart Focus as Potential
  12. Heart Focus in Thought, Speech, Action
  13. Open System within You: Potential
  14. Boundaries as a Radiant Being
  15. Activation & Receptivity as a Radiant Being
  16. Freedom, Flexibility, Choices
  17. Creativity
  18. Embracing

Relationship Volume 3: Cycles of Birth & Rebirth + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Welcome in Life’s Purpose RCB
  2. Preparing the Chakras to Receive the Soul’s Light
  3. Discourse on Committed Relationships
  4. Choosing to Die to Your Fear
  5. Integrating Changes in Your Energy Field into Your Daily Life
  6. Journey to the Template: Rebirth
  7. Channeling Induction: Birth Guides
  8. Exploring Relationship at the Template Level
  9. Acknowledgment & Gratitude: Releasing Past Relationships
  10. Shared Purpose & Harmony in Relationship
  11. Group Relationships: Cycles of Birth
  12. Making a Difference in Earth’s Evolution

Meditation Titles Teaching

To see an overview of the contents of these Teaching titles click here

Teaching with Light Single: Preparing to Teach with Light + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Teaching with Light Volume 1: Basics + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Dedication TWL1
  2. Learning to Receive
  3. Inner Work & Resources
  4. Receiving Your Material
  5. Starting Your Teaching
  6. Cooperation
  7. Growing at the Right Pace
  8. Coming from the Heart
  9. Recognizing Your Lessons
  10. Serving a Broader Group
  11. Teaching through Being
  12. You Are a Teacher with Light

Teaching with Light Volume 2: Purpose & Dynamic Pattern + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Welcome & Dedication TWL2
  2. Spark, Core, Field
  3. Actively Joining the River
  4. Energy Field Exchange
  5. Letting Go Joyfully
  6. Teaching Guide
  7. Your Area to Shift through Teaching
  8. What Is Next for Your Group
  9. Preparing for Your Teaching—Patterns TWL2
  10. Group Work: Transformation
  11. Pattern: Soul Group Mandala
  12. The Great Awakener

Meditation Titles Transitions

To see an overview of the contents of these Transitions titles click here

Transitions Single: Choosing Well + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Transitions Single: Riding Higher Flows + Transcript US Ltr or A4

Transitions Volume 1: A Light Being’s Guide to the Earthchanges + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Stewards of the Earthchanges
  2. Your Bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual
  3. Gaining Calm
  4. Making Choices: The Power of Creation
  5. Aligning with Planetary Flows
  6. Serving Others
  7. Coming Home

Transitions Volume 2: Bringing Light to Death & Dying + Transcript US Ltr or A4

  1. Welcome & Dedication LDD
  2. The Dissolving Process of Death—General
  3. Seats of Consciousness
  4. Impermanence & Change
  5. Life After Death
  6. Exploring Patterns of Passage
  7. Forgiveness & Unconditional Love: Dissolving
  8. Letting Go of Worry & Control: Dissolving
  9. Physical Energy Alignment & Withdrawal
  10. Navigating Mental Dissolving
  11. About Suicide
  12. Bonds of Love, Post-Death Relations