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Abundance Contents

This Page lists an overview of the contents of RoseLight Abundance meditations

  • Use your awareness to build consciousness in different areas of your life
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Abundance Single

Faith in an Abundant Universe Audio meditation for patterns of “not enough.” Start with where you are right now and make life-affirming choices to shift from lack into abundance

Transcript PDF text file available in US Ltr or A4 format

Abundance Volume 1: Money as Light & Flow

Abundance Volume 1: Money as Light & Flow Album with all 12 audio tracks—Perceive money and abundance as energy and shift into a state of greater plenty

Workbook PDF text file contains transcripts of all 12 meditations, plus explanations of terminology, instructions, and contemplations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Welcome & Dedication MLF Audio meditation—With the support of your Soul and guides of light, experience expansion, centering, opening, and base; set your intentions for learning about money as light and flow
2. Money & Soul Life on Earth Audio meditation—Bring more harmony, responsive Soul communion, and cooperative flow into your dealings with money
3. Being Happy & Well Paid Audio meditation—Cultivate happiness and goodwill; generate more flow to fulfill your purpose
4. Money & Time Audio meditation—Travel backward and forward in the river of time to release your attachments and make choices leading to a loving, peaceful higher future
5. Moving Ahead Audio meditation—Strengthen your power to transition out of old patterns and to discover and bring more Soul light, love, and flow into your life
6. From Slavery to Freedom Audio meditation—Realign your beliefs and your energy to move from victim to co-creator in compassion, love,   joy, and purpose
7. Moving Closer to the Core Audio meditation—Reconnect with your fundamental being, deeper than any patterning or filter; increase your ability to receive energy in positive ways, with the support of the Golden Body
8. Regulating Flow: Spending & Saving Audio meditation—Move beyond “not enough” to create more freedom, joy, plenty, and security
9. Plenty to Enjoy & Share Audio meditation—Go beyond scarcity and lack into rejuvenation, fullness, plenty, and harmony
10. Increasing Resonance with Objects & Money Audio meditation—Consider money as a medium of energy exchange, a way for you to transmit and receive light, flow, and joy; learn to more easily let go of things that no longer serve you
11. Manifesting Your Gifts Audio meditation—With golden energy, go beyond defenses; allow yourself to receive and express gifts for greater aliveness and flow
12. Abundance & Ongoing Beauty Audio meditation—Bring more order, harmony, and flow into your relations with money to more fully express your Soul’s purpose and life’s work

Abundance Volume 2: Building Gridworks for Abundant Flow

Abundance Volume 2: Building Gridworks for Abundant Flow Album with all 10 audio tracks—Explore deep levels on the edges of your consciousness, moving from nothing-ness into something-ness, to enhance your understanding of and ability with manifesting

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 10 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. A Single Point Audio meditation—Connect more consciously with the great forces of flow that move through you and shape the world
2. Organizing Incoming Energy Audio meditation—Harmonize your energy and play with stably receiving larger amounts of incoming energy
3. Managing Your Edges Audio meditation—Receive energy bodywork from high guides of light as you align with your Soul’s purpose, with growth and service, to build more stable and reliable golden connections for resonance and manifesting
4. Creating From the Edge Audio meditation—Connect with the star part of yourself living on the edge of the universe, in conscious communication with other stars, Souls, and beings of light; with the help of great Souls, expand your manifesting potential and outlets with golden roadways
5. Generating a Grid Audio meditation—Order and organization help build the gridworks that carry and support flow for manifesting; observe the desire body then build with higher vibratory energy, assisted by your Soul, Greater Consciousness, high guides of light, and Nature
6. Grids & Dissolving Structures Audio meditation—Growth and expansion to reach a new level of manifesting includes changing perspectives, letting go of old structures, dissolving identity; learn to recycle this energy for the good of all beings to help your transitions be smooth and more masterful
7. Stable & Flexible Grids Audio meditation—A discourse on connections and energy gridwork maintenance; a guided journey via your Soul’s gridwork to experience a master’s stability, security, flexibility, and freedom
8. From Within, Looking Within Audio meditation—Visit a generative source of flow, a place from which the essence of connection arises; come here to get off the roller coaster, to purify, to replenish your energy, to rejuvenate your own sense of peace, of flow, of aliveness
9. Smooth & Steady Flow Audio meditation—Observe your choice to become a luminous vessel of Soul love and flow, able to hold and attract greater resources to and manifest your purpose supported by a smooth and stable gridwork and your Communities of Light
10. Critical Mass Audio meditation—Gather yourself to sustain a stronger focus, to align more fully with the abundance of your higher purpose and your Soul’s loving Presence

Abundance Volume 3: Creating Energy Building Reserves

Abundance Volume 3: Creating Energy Building Reserves Album with all 12 audio tracks—Learn to build and care for reserves for growth and life force flow

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 10 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Welcome & Dedication CEBR Audio meditation—With the help of three high guides of light, set your intention for greater realization of yourself as an energy system, as a series of incoming flows and outgoing flows, and a reservoir able to bring greater love, light, and flow into your life and into the world
2. Noticing Broken Flows Audio meditation—Change old patterns of pushing and grasping; with the help of three high guides of light, notice breaks at the subtle energy field level and repair them using awareness, breath, love, light, and flow
3. Noticing Compression Audio meditation—With the help of three high guides of light, observe more clearly how you are maintaining a blockage in your organs and energy field; you can choose to release this and make a shift
4. Spiral Reorganizing Audio meditation—With the help of your wise inner healer and three high guides of light, bring an area of lack or depletion closer to your core and fill it up with healing, higher vibrational energy; be willing, and explore
5. Meeting with Council Audio meditation—Connect more consciously with your Soul Council; magnetize the highest forms for your expression in this life
6. The Listening Universe Responds Audio meditation—Tap more easily into the infinite energy available to assist you in building reserves and fulfilling your purpose
7. Beginning to Build Audio meditation—Become more aware of how you build or spill energy; with your three high guides of light, adjust your exchanges so that you are more harmonized , strong, and clear
8. Permission to Accumulate Audio meditation—Set intentions to help you accumulate energy with power, love, light, and flow for the benefit of all beings
9. Building Reserves Audio meditation—At the cellular level, begin to draw upon potential’s substance and create energy by being more consciously part of the flow of life, blessed by love
10. Capturing Energy Audio meditation—With the help of three high guides of light, observe connections that support beauty and stability in building forms and energy reserves; practice cellular integration
11. Caring for Reserves Audio meditation—Joyfully manage reserves as a living body of flow, enhancing beauty, order, and organization
12. Harmonizing Reserves with Purpose Audio meditation—With the help of three high guides of light, align more fully with your spiritual life purpose, the central organizing principle of your life, increasing your expression of your unique, individual potential