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Ethics Contents

This Page lists an overview of the contents of RoseLight Ethics meditations

  • Use your awareness to build consciousness in different areas of your life
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Ethics Volume 1: Practitioner’s Ethics

Practitioner’s Ethics All 12 audio tracks—Look into yourself so you can bring even greater clarity into your helping relationships

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 12 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Welcome & Dedication ETHP Audio meditation—Set your intentions to integrate higher vibrational energy, to discern and clear karma and make wise choices
2. Focusing on What You Want Audio meditation—Make your choices from a sense of plenty, feeling supported, generating positive tones
3. Journey to the Master & the Soul Group ETHP Audio meditation—Join with the Masters—evolved beings emanating light, generating flow—to help you stand straight in the world and proceed in a good way on your path as a Soul
4. The Core of Practitioner’s Ethics Audio meditation—Meet your needs in healthy and appropriate ways, affirming, “I always have enough time to get back to the love”
5. Tracing Back the Pattern Audio meditation—With love and support, perceive more clearly the origins of your unconscious behaviors and patterns
6. Respect & Three Simple Guidelines Audio meditation—In your work as a “hollow bone” follow three behavioral guidelines with clients and peers: maintain neutrality, acknowledge the Source of power, and confidently reside in having and being enough
7. Energizing Your Practice with Clients Audio meditation—Reside in knowing yourself as a doorway of light, placing awareness in energy field connections with those you are here to serve, noticing how all parts are engaged
8. Practice of Peace & Hope Audio meditation—You are co-creating a future of peace and hope through your practice of regularly generating spiritual love, light, and flow, attending to your own places of hurt and disconnection; this helps build a wave through time and space, aggregating with the transformational shifts of other practitioners, even if you never meet
9. Commitments to Your Clients Audio meditation—Keep your heart open, be truthful, listen, be kind, base your choices and actions in your Soul’s purpose, reserve your sovereignty, take enough time and space to be clear; the real heart of the exchange is the transmission
10. Commitments to Your Community Audio meditation—Bring your whole self, make time to step back and assess, be flexible when faced with differences, reside in your Soul’s peace and plenty, sense life being lived, nourish yourself
11. Respect, Free Will, & the Evolution of Consciousness Audio meditation—Set clear intentions, surrender to Divine Flow, offer (don’t push), reflect and assess, pace yourself
12. Blessing & Benediction ETHP Audio meditation—As a mother receives a child into her arms, your Soul receives you, for fulfillment of purpose, clarity of direction, and joy


  • Maintain peace of mind
  • Move at the pace of guidance
  • Practice certainty of purpose
  • Surrender to surprise
  • Ask for what you need and offer what you can
  • Love the folks in front of you
  • Return to the world

—Christina Baldwin, The Seven Whispers: A Spiritual Practice for Times Like These