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Life’s Work Contents

This Page lists an overview of the contents of RoseLight Life’s Work meditations

  • Use your awareness to build consciousness in different areas of your life
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Life’s Work Singles

Commitment to Your Path Audio meditation—Dedicate yourself with spiritual purpose; receive energetic support from those who are a few steps ahead

Transcript PDF text file available in US Ltr or A4 format


Identity, Purpose, Flow Audio meditation—You are a flow of purpose expressing yourself as a human being of light

Transcript PDF text file available in US Ltr or A4 format


Introduction to Group Energy Fields Audio meditation—Explore group energy fields on the inner planes

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Purpose & Inspiration Audio meditation—Your spiritual core is a pillar of strength that can guide and inspire you to be your best self

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Life’s Work Volume 1: Birthing Organizational Structures

Birthing Organizational Structures Album with all 12 audio tracks—Co-create more conscious, beautiful, and luminous structures for your spiritual leadership through your life’s work

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 12 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Welcome & Dedication BOS Tap into energy beyond polarity to more fully embody being a leader of light
2. Three Waves: Blending with Your Soul & Greater Consciousness Work with subtle energy to support your physical vitality, emotional flow, and mental clarity as a leader of light
3. Meeting Your Community of Light Meet and play with some of your high guides of light in peace, joy, love, and wisdom
4. Receiving Your Vision With the support of three guides and your Community of Light, receive a transmission for your life’s work and living with joy
5. Finding the Body Higher vibrational subtle energy bodywork on your project—exploring the structures that help shape the consciousness, and hence the manifest forms, of your work
6. Enhancing Flow Higher vibrational subtle energy bodywork on your project—learning to enhance the processes that support vitality
7. Holding a Vision Express your spiritual life’s purpose through your life’s work by holding a higher vision; draw others through synchronicity, flow, and allowing
8. The Fabric of Time With the help of the Lords of Time and sparkling devas, navigate time’s fabric in your life’s work more consciously
9. Rhythm & Right Timing Meditate and generate light; discern more exactly in your life’s work what to do, and when to do it
10. Group Mind, Group Soul Your Soul, three guides, and Communities of Light support your life’s work with a broad base of energy from which to play and co-create
11. Living in a Community of Light Make energy connections and build a golden roadway into the future, supported by many beings whose spiritual purpose aligns with your life’s work
12. Cellular & Atomic Reflections of Purpose Enliven the atomic and cellular organizational structures of your body with a transmission of spiritual purpose