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Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution™ Contents

This Page lists an overview of the contents of RoseLight Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution™ (PACE) meditations

  • Use your awareness to build consciousness in different areas of your life
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Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution™ (PACE) Singles

Perfection of Choice Audio meditation—Compassionately perceive the process of manifestation, from choices into energy patterns into life situations and ways of being

Transcript PDF text file available in US Ltr or A4 format


The Place of Calm Repose Audio meditation—Generate deep calm through a high vibrational energy attunement

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PACE Volume 1: Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution™ Practitioner’s Foundations

PACE  Volume 1: Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution™Practitioner’s Foundations Album of all 16 audio tracks—Practice more awareness of the beauty, joy, and flow inside incarnated structures and processes

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 16 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

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1. PACE Practitioners Welcome & Dedication Set your intentions to learn more about what you are made of as a human being of light and to live more joyfully, with greater service to others
2. Blending with a High Guide of Light (Hand) With the help of a high guide of light, sense more directly the spiritual light within your physical structures
3. PACE Guided Bodywork Journey Tour your body at physical, cellular, and atomic levels in an energy field of joy, peace, love, flow, and rebirth
4. The Acquisition of Knowledge PACE brings evolutionary light and flow into areas of unconsciousness, helping you support planetary shift while you explore structures and processes of incarnation
5. The Paradigm of Evolution Healing is a step in evolution, but evolution is shift on a larger scale, beyond the limits of what you can dream at this time; a golden roadway from your heart reaches into the future and guides your way
6. The Strength of Triangles (Expansion) PACE Observe a triangle energy field; connect with multiple triangles around the Earth to form a more stable, receptive gridwork for downloading higher vibrational energies
7. Identity, Solidity, & Perception Explore individuality and enlightenment from multidimensional perspectives
8. Partnership with the Universe Experience more directly that a higher intelligence is operating at all times, even in the midst of what looks like chaos; align yourself more fully to work in conscious partnership with this light
9. Evolving Emotional Energy Uplift and evolve your emotional body energy and allow change to happen more easily
10. Listening to Cells Work with your cells to function at a higher level and learn about will at the cellular level of consciousness
11. Entering Atomic Space Link with the primal, cosmic forces within you that connect you to infinite space
12. Transmutation Exercise Learn more about how poisons and nectars relate to perceptual filters; explore transmutation as an energy process
13. Manifesting Exercise Allow your higher good and manifest beautiful, abundant forms more easily
14. PACE Self-Care Session Awaken more of your potential; build new strength and flexibility in your gridworks of light, love, and flow
15. Exploring Structures & Consciousness in a Situation Penetrate a situation with your awareness to more clearly perceive the subtle energies underlying “external” reality; harmonize the energy to help create meaningful shifts
16. Moving Closer to the Source of Evolution Open doorways for higher probable futures and more intense and direct higher guidance