Radiant Reflection photo of multi-colored reflections in the water

Radiant Reflection Contents

This Page lists an overview of the contents of RoseLight Radiant Reflection meditations

  • Use your awareness to build consciousness in different areas of your life
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Radiant Reflection Volume 1: Being Present

Being Present Album of all 4 audio tracks—Teachings about the relationship between awareness and consciousness

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 4 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Presence, Space, Intentions Set your intentions for the exploration of space in being present with yourself and others
2. Roles, Space, Perspectives Observation is the key to building consciousness
3. Presence Brings Flow Flow is initiated in space through your awareness; moving awareness can create shifts in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies
4. Being Present with Energy Exchange Spark of awareness, energy field, meeting of fields, sharing energy

Radiant Reflection Volume 2: Starting Your Peer Triangle

Starting Your Peer Triangle Album of all 10 audio tracks—Three-person protocol for Radiant Reflection™ or other reflective work

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 10 tracks in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Introduction to Peer Triangles Orientation and guidelines for use of Peer Triangles
2. Our Roots SYPT Self-care, renewal, support, reflective practice, peer-based
3. One Turn: Case, Feedback, Closing Structure of the counseling space
4. Presenter Process Showing up, building trust, making a shift, taking turns
5. Facilitator Process Listening, dialogue, silence, compassion, innate wisdom, parallel process, taking turns
6. Observer Process Presence, silence, listening, harmony, holding space, no fixing, keeping time, taking turns
7. The Space in the Center Energy vortex, co-creation, core, void, potential, choosing practice partners
8. Content & Process Between Meetings Inner connections, process as journey, intensity, transformation, synergy
9. Witnessing Triangle Growth Connection, role, energy source, self-witnessing, trust, vulnerability
10. A Transformational Journey Spiritual journey, choosing company, freedom of awareness, meeting others as light


When the Heart applies itself,

we speak of Intent.

When Intent become permanent,

we speak of Will.

When the persevering Will changes,

we speak of Thought.

When Thought extends itself powerfully and far,

we speak of Reflection.

When Reflection can have all beings at its disposal,

we speak of Knowing-How.

—Trans. Claude Larre, S.J. & Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee,  Chapter Eight of the Lingshu protion of the Huangdi Neijing, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, Lines 26 – 30 in Rooted in Spirit: The Heart of Chinese Medicine