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Relationship Contents

This Page lists an overview of the contents of RoseLight Relationship meditations

  • Use your awareness to build consciousness in different areas of your life
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Relationship Singles

Beliefs through the Eyes of the Child Audio meditation—Reach back to a time in childhood when you formed limiting beliefs; gently thaw the frozen energy and reconnect with split-off parts

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Building a Base of Trust Audio meditation—With three high guides of light, bring love and compassion to the parts inside you who need support in order to trust life

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Creating Yourself with Light Audio meditation—With your soul and three high guides of light, enhance your vibrant aliveness in relationship

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Healing Generational Karma Audio meditation—Bring respectful, compassionate attention to relationship patterns inherited from your parents and ancestors; rebirth yourself as a human being of light

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Observing Patterns & the Law of Attraction Audio meditation—Working with three high guides of light, ignite a higher level of self-organization to attract more loving, clear, peaceful relationships

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Preparing for Birth Audio meditation—Set a loving space for the physical birth of a child, or the spiritual birth of a new part of yourself

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Relationship Volume 1: Relationship Soul Embodiment

Relationship Volume 1: Relationship Soul Embodiment Album of all 12 audio tracks—Live and love more fully as a soul having an earthly experience: a human being of light

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1. Welcome & Dedication RSE Align your intentions with the highest path of growth as a human being of light
2. Inbreath & Outbreath of Soul Flows Prepare to more fully receive the light of your Soul
3. Opening Constrictions The paradigm of “exploration of energy” as an alternative to the paradigm of “fixing”
4. Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations Open more fully into the flow and rhythm of wholeness
5. Triangle Connections RSE In the rich energy field of a triangle, more support is available for your transformational shifts, and you support others through your presence and your growth
6. Soul Connections RSE Become more aware of your Soul’s love and connections with Life: you are of the light
7. Reflections of Soul Purpose Open to reflect more of your Soul’s purpose through your body, heart, and mind, into your relationships and your life
8. Sensing & Integrating Soul Planes Light Sense at the Soul level by “entering and becoming”; embody more Soul light and flow through your little self
9. Soul Love RSE Soul love uplifts your own creative thought processes, emotional flow, and physical vitality, and touches others with potentiating, higher vibrational energy
10. The Soul Seed & the Auric Egg Energy Anatomy 101
11. Soul Embodiment & the Future Set energies to support your Soul awakening on Earth through time
12. Soul Group RSE Play in higher flows in your Soul group for service and joy

Relationship Volume 2: Relationship Living as a Radiant Being

Relationship Volume 2: Relationship Living as a Radiant Being Album of all 18 audio tracks—Increase the beauty and radiance of energy exchange, what you are giving and receiving

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 18 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Welcome, Introduction RLRB Begin to lift your awareness to your Soul to generate light and flow in your relationships through your radiant, glowing heart, touching your ancestors and future generations around the world
2. Quickening Answer the call and open more deeply to your Soul
3. Filling the Chasm with Radiance Bring your Soul’s light, and flow to the places where you are building consciousness and become a more whole, loving, radiant being
4. New Thoughts Your mind is a carpenter that can build forms in the world to support new ways of being; with the help of your Soul and an angel, open the vessel of your mind more fully as an instrument of your Soul’s love through a transmission of the Golden Head Ball
5. Exchange Reflect upon exchanges of energy in your relationships, considering distinctions between exchanges based in the ego’s survival needs, and exchanges based in a sense of Divine Flow
6. Radiant Exchange You develop and refine your substance of Soul through relationships; energy exchanges in alignment with your Soul’s purpose create radiance and peace for you and for all concerned; illuminate, observe, and explore relationship energy exchanges with golden love, light, and flow
7. Learning a Flow of Respect Observe and practice respectful relations through the direct energy transmission teaching of your Soul, effortlessly knowing your direction, your connection with others, perfect placement, right timing, and ease
8. Internal Source: Integrity Trace Soul relationship flow back to its source, blend your awareness with the coming-forth of energy from the source, and make relationship connections with others in emergence and co-creation; this opens an opportunity for you to make your actions, decisions, and movements in physical time and space in greater integrity with the inner source of flow and light that is your birthright, your essence
9. Resonance & Joy Attract Soul mate resonance in relationship with many beings in your life, not just one person; as you do, you experience more of the infinite Divine Flow, the awareness of love that is your Soul, your essential joyfulness in movement and the light of the spiritual sun
10. How to Handle a Devolving Relationship Slow down, open your mind, respect yourself, generate compassion, open to receive, choose your response
11. Heart Focus as Potential Organize your energy around your heart as potential, a fullness and emptiness that sources your innermost, peaceful, spacious essence; align your energy to radiate compassion, generosity, and love
12. Heart Focus in Thought, Speech, Action Draw upon potential; generate flow; with the help of golden energies, travel through time to a key choice point and translate radiant love into speech, thought, and action
13. Open System within You: Potential Sweep your energy field and open flows gently with the power of creation
14. Boundaries as a Radiant Being Radiant energy boundaries are not defense perimeters, but are living membranes; they sustain exchange of life-force and help you hold a focus for playful, purposeful action
15. Activation & Receptivity as a Radiant Being Explore the four-fold invocation and the universal forces of activation and receptivity from a Soul growth perspective; enhance your understanding of energy exchange and bring more balance to your relationships
16. Freedom, Flexibility, Choices Begin to experience more choice about your habitual rigidities and constrictions; cultivate spaciousness through surrender, self-observation, reflection, and breath in union with Divine flow
17. Creativity Playful creativity with awareness helps you draw in what you need, express yourself, and bring higher flow to your relationships
18. Embracing As a radiant being you can embrace more of the joy and sorrow, the beauty and suffering, of your self and of life; it’s all energy, leading into evolution, life as love, light, and flow

Relationship Volume 3: Relationship Cycles of Birth & Rebirth

Relationship Volume 3: Relationship Cycles of Birth & Rebirth Album of all 12 audio tracks—Meditate with your Soul and Communities of Light to better understand your life’s purpose and to build relationships that support your service, learning, and growth

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 12 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Welcome in Life’s Purpose RCB Receive a transmission of golden energy for your Heart, Head, and Hara energy centers, and for all your chakras to help align you more fully with your Soul purpose in relationship as a human being of light
2. Preparing the Chakras to Receive the Soul’s Light Tune your chakras with peace, joy, wisdom, and unconditional love for physical vitality, emotional flow, and mental fluidity; touch any dis-ease with light to support healing; receive a Flow Alignment & Connection™ session from Athabascar and the Communities of Light
3. Discourse on Committed Relationships From a Soul point of view, the most essential quality in a long-term relationship is willingness to be present; use your ability to sense flow to help you navigate challenges and change
4. Choosing to Die to Your Fear With the support of three high guides, learn to perceive personality patterns as energy, to practice active waiting rather than trying, and to work with energy to bring yourself into a higher flow; surrender a deep fear to your Soul’s light for liberation
5. Integrating Changes in Your Energy Field into Your Daily Life Break down your bigger challenges into smaller, more manageable, even enjoyable pieces; with the help of your three guides of light and your Soul, touch them with the void in your energy field to help bring about shift
6. Journey to the Template: Rebirth With the help of three high guides, rebirth through your Soul’s template as a human being of light; transmit higher vibrational energies through your chakras for growth and for service
7. Channeling Induction: Birth Guides Channeling exercise to do alone or with a partner; channel your birth guides, who have been present and holding space at each stage of your formation: when your Soul created the template for your incarnation; when you as a Soul moved through the template; when your father’s sperm met your mother’s egg; and when you left your mother’s womb and entered the earthplane
8. Exploring Relationship at the Template Level Tune up with higher vibrational energy; explore a deep, rich, primary relationship at the Soul level; update your chakras and auric field with new connections
9. Acknowledgment & Gratitude: Releasing Past Relationships With the help of your Soul and guides, liberate yourself and others from struggle and entanglements; move into relationships of love, gratitude, and acknowledgment
10. Shared Purpose & Harmony in Relationship Redefine the basis of your relationships, moving from ego-based conflict to higher purpose-based harmony and flow
11. Group Relationships: Cycles of Birth Group work is a series of relationship flows, individuated vortexes within carrier waves connecting the All; translate a Soul transmission of these vortexes and waves through your chakras and energy field; the transmission will set up later as pictures and thoughts upon which you can act to birth Soul group work on Earth
12. Making a Difference in Earth’s Evolution Observe the difference one light can make in Earth’s evolution—great lights such as Jesus, Gautama Buddha, and lesser-known individuals; observe and reflect upon your potential for impact now and into the future as a human being of light