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Teaching Contents

This Page lists an overview of the contents of RoseLight Teaching meditations

  • Use your awareness to build consciousness in different areas of your life
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Teaching with Light Single: Preparing to Teach with Light

Preparing to Teach with Light Audio meditation—Help others connect more with spiritual love, light, and flow

Transcript PDF text file available in US Ltr or A4 format

Teaching with Light Volume 1: Basics

Teaching with Light Volume 1: Basics Album of all 12 audio tracks—Act as a resonant tuning fork to assist others in awakening more deeply to spiritual love, light, and flow

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 12 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Dedication TWL1 Dedicate yourself to growth and service as a teacher with light; dedication is a process of alignment between you as a “little self” and the larger evolutionary flows of light that are part of your Soul and Greater Self
2. Learning to Receive As a teacher with light you are a conduit for energy to pass through, and your ability to receive directly affects your ability to give
3. Inner Work & Resources Three high guides of light help you connect with the resources you need for your development as a teacher with light
4. Receiving Your Material Meet a master from your Community of Light who gives you frequencies to help with community support, support for enlightenment, and support for your service
5. Starting Your Teaching Build an energy body of teaching, creating level after level of flow and commitment
6. Cooperation Cooperation is part of your higher essence; bring more cooperation in to your teaching with light on Earth
7. Growing at the Right Pace Growing at the right pace is a process of alignment of the rhythms of different parts of yourself
8. Coming from the Heart Your heart as an energy center is key to of your path of growth and service
9. Recognizing Your Lessons Become more conscious through your challenges as a teacher with light
10. Serving a Broader Group Prepare to accept greater responsibility and exchange energy with a larger or more diverse group
11. Teaching through Being Teach from a state of being in which all your actions and productions have greater flow and radiance
12. You Are a Teacher with Light Stabilize the level you have reached, and set the space for your teaching with light to grow

Teaching with Light Volume 2: Purpose & Dynamic Pattern

Teaching with Light Volume 2: Purpose & Dynamic Pattern Album of all 12 audio tracks—Perceive and interact with students from more profound levels of consciousness

Transcript PDF text file contains transcripts of all 12 meditations in US Ltr or A4 format

1. Welcome & Dedication TWL2 Attune with your Soul, Monad, and three high guides of light; set your intentions to more fully awaken the true inner self
2. Spark, Core, Field Become more aware of your essential spiritual emanation and transmission, enriched by contact with three guides of light
3. Actively Joining the River Experience your powerful higher energy flow as a being of dynamic pattern and spiritual purpose
4. Energy Field Exchange Observe the different levels of your being more clearly; move more awareness into higher vibrational energy exchange
5. Letting Go Joyfully Experience and transmit ascension, and integrate its joy more fully into your life
6. Teaching Guide Your teaching guides—part of your Soul group—help you express as Divine Flow: sharing spiritual purpose and dynamic pattern through your energy body
7. Your Area to Shift through Teaching Experience your Soul’s heart, drawing in energy and generating love, light, and flow, expressing your unique part of a dynamic Soul group work, calling your students
8. What Is Next for Your Group Blend with your teaching guide to enhance your awareness and understanding of what is next for you and your group in teaching with light
9. Preparing for Your Teaching—Patterns TWL2 Open an inter-dimensional bridge; work in concert with your guides and the devas, architects of blueprints, to reflect and build structures of consciousness through your living and being as a teacher with light
10. Group Work: Transformation Awaken more fully to transformative spiritual love; sense the perfection of your wholeness as you integrate light into denser areas of your being, supported by the master and your guides of light
11. Pattern: Soul Group Mandala Light “speaks” to light; potential awakens; play your dynamic pattern of purpose with students in the past, present, and future; in the eternal
12. The Great Awakener Cultivate delicacy as you train with a master and a Soul group, learning to play your dynamic pattern to awaken of teachers with light