Amy - Photo of Amy smiling, happy


How It All Began

Amy Skezas is a writer and spiritual teacher. She connected with Athabascar in September 1987.

For a little while Amy worked with Athabascar on her own. Then she introduced him to a few close friends. They started meeting weekly to ask questions and receive teachings. They asked about subjects she knew nothing about, yet found the responses from Athabascar useful. In a little while, she began helping other people, following Athabascar’s guidance.

When Amy asked, “Why did you choose me to be this channel?” Athabascar said, “Because you have a good heart, you work hard, you have strong language skills, and we are old friends.” During Amy’s lifetime he will not channel through anyone else, but, like an angel, he is always available to help if you invoke the light. He says, “You are not alone. We are but a thought and a breath away.”

Amy founded RoseLight in 1990 as a vehicle for her work with Athabascar. Over the years she has taught in California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Masssachusetts, Washington D.C., Florida, Canada, England, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

Amy lives on a farm with her husband, cats, sheep, goats, chickens, livestock guardian dogs, bees, wildlife, and the many Nature spirits who tend the land. Her day-to-day routine includes meditation, yoga, qi gong, farm work, writing, cooking, and permaculture. She is available via teleconference and internet.

Educational background

  • Creative writing with poet A.R. Ammons
  • A baccalaureate in international relations
  • Doctorates in law and ministry
  • Certification in supervision for helping professionals
    • Educated as a supervisor and as a trainer of supervisors
  • Advanced training in acupressure theory and practice
  • Light Body basics and graduate work with Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman

Professional Affiliations