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 FAQ—Ways to Make Contact

How can I ask questions or have a conversation with Amy and Athabascar?

Schedule a personal consultation

How can I connect with other RoseLight students?

Our RoseLight Facebook page is a gathering place with potential—we encourage everyone who is interested in RoseLight to Like us and Follow us there to be in the loop and build the community; as it builds up we can see about how best to use that platform moving forward

In an ongoing seminar like the Compassionate Response year-long course there are ongoing discussion groups online in private settings and regular phone contact; this is the most powerful way to build connections with others in the community, because you really get to know someone as a human being of light, and work together on shared goals

Do you answer questions on Facebook?

Usually Amy will acknowledge a post with a Like and then transmit rather than answer questions, at least for now

Are you coming to teach in New York or other places any time soon?

Back in the day, Amy used to travel and teach extensively. Now, she is living on a farm, working with Nature, writing, and meditating. The guides want her to stay put and be on the land. Amy misses seeing everyone’s smiling faces and eating lunch and laughing together, but for now, will be connecting with old and new friends from the farm via teleconference, internet, and of course, inner planes transmissions—which are just as strong long distance as in person.

How can I tune in to your energies?

  • Resonate with our Home Study Meditations
    • There is a standing wave of energy we are building that is always available
    • Home Study Meditations make it easier to tune in and connect with that wave
    • Most people like to listen to the audio meditations for stronger resonance
    • Turn on the sound, close your eyes, relax, and go inward; you’ll find the energy waiting there to greet and welcome you

What if I have a question about an order?

Use our Contact form below

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