Human Being of Light photo of gold and silver bowl filled with fruit

Human Being of Light

What is a Human Being of Light?

Every person has within a spark of Divine energy, a bright light of spiritual awareness. It is possible to grow this light through focus in meditation until it spreads so thoroughly that a person becomes radiant and luminous—a human being of light.

You can develop spiritually by touching this inner light with your awareness as a little self (your personality, your self as you are in this lifetime); that’s what we do in our meditations. Every time you reach for and open to the light, you build connections of energy that support you.

You integrate light by building consciousness, adding order and organization to your energy field. These energy shifts then translate into your physical, emotional, and mental bodies and your life circumstances. You can most fruitfully choose where to build consciousness by simply paying attention and responding to the feedback life is giving you through your challenges and your opportunities.

As you become more illuminated and integrated, you are able to be more stable, steady, and skillful. You naturally express more of your spiritual self in everyday life; you are more able to be more at home with yourself and others.

As this process continues, you may find that animals or children are drawn to you, or that people ask for help. Sometimes, beings seek reassurance, guidance, or even an energy transmission. Listen and be present with the person or situation. Your energy field can contribute a calming or healing presence. After, you may want to bring the situation to meditation or reflection.

Our tagline is “Tools for Human Evolution™” because there is a bigger plan. Human beings are part of life, and all life is evolving. RoseLight’s work is designed to help you align with that process. Check out an index of our guided meditations on various topics to see if any of these titles can support you in your spiritual journey.