Grow with higher consciousness photo image pouring water to nourish plants

Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness Helps You Generate a Higher Tone

RoseLight Provides Gateways to Higher Consciousness

Your Intention & Higher Consciousness

Time & Place for Higher Consciousness

  • Safety first: please don’t use our products when driving, operating heavy machinery, etc.
  • Remember the Goldilocks principle: “Not too hot, not too cold, just right”
    • Grow at the right pace for you
    • Alternate meditations with grounding activities
      • To ground, take a walk in Nature, have a meal, exercise, etc.

Crossing Over/Yogic Sleep

  • Our meditations speak to the “you” deep inside
  • When you connect, you may grow so relaxed that you seem to fall asleep
  • This lets you absorb higher consciousness more gradually
  • It’s safe and okay to cross over
  • Over time you’ll naturally fill in waking knowledge and awareness
  • Remember, you can always read the transcript

Take a Rest After Meditation Is Over

  • Meditating is like going to the gym—you are building new “muscles” of consciousness
  • In your physical body, this activity is taking place in your organs, cells, and even your atoms
  • If you can, be still and quiet for 5 – 10 minutes when the meditation ends
  • This yogic rest helps you integrate higher consciousness in your body and psyche
  • Proper rest helps you become more radiant, luminous, and vital
  • If you get antsy, get up
  • If you need longer, take the extra time

If You Need More Support

  • Some ways to receive support from RoseLight tools
    • Breathe with the four-fold invocation: I call forth the light, I open to the light, I receive the light, I am the light
    • Book a Consultation with Amy and Athabascar
    • Receive energy bodywork through RoseLight Healing is Change meditations
    • Explore Radiant Reflection with peers—find some practice partners, use the home study materials to learn the way, and help one another
  • And of course there is lots of support available from other sources as well
    • Spend time in Nature
    • Talk with a therapist or counselor
    • Receive hands-on bodywork or long-distance energy work
    • Hang out with the cat or dog
    • Ask for hugs from loved ones
  • If resistance comes up